Since 1980

My love for jewelry started in high school jewelry class in 1980. In 1986 I was able to make it my life's work. 35 years later I still love making jewelry!
John Farnsworth
Quilt Jewelry

Ethically Sourced Jewels & Materials

In 2016 we moved to Hamilton to be closer to family. The community and quilters welcomed and inspired us to start a line of Quilt Jewelry.

How to Open your Oysters and find a Pearl!

1. Break edges of Oysters (leave the oyster in the plastic to prevent yourself from getting scratched) 2. Open plastic and pry open oyster (be careful edges are sharp a butter knife works great for this step) 3. Remove pearl/s and rub in hand with table salt (salt cleans the pearls and helps bring out the luster) 4. Open pearl cage and insert pearl, wear, and tell your friends were you got it!